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Describe CTPUG (description stolen from the FB group)

Welcome to Cape Town Python User Group

The Cape Town Python User Group meets once a month (or more), and holds discussions, talks and demos of whatever's currently interesting in the python world.

Pycon ZA 2012

Pycon ZA 2012 was a success. We will be helping organise PyCon ZA 2013, tentatively scheduled for early Oct 2013. See the Pycon ZA site for more details.

Next Scheduled CTPUG Meeting

The next meeting will be on the 11th of April, 2020, starting at 14:00.

Mailing List

We mainly communicate via a public mailing-list:


We have IRC discussions on the #ctpug channel on the Atrum IRC network:


We have a meetup group, where we announce meetings and so forth as well.


There is a Google+ page (for those who prefere getting announcements via google).



We also have a facebook group over here.

Random Photo

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