Python Usage in Cape Town

This is meant to be restricted to things that are largely Python-focused, rather than incidental usage. It is meant to be a true reflection not an advertising platform.

It is categorized by sphere... a short summary including the length of time Python has been used by and what it is used for, and names of active CTPUG members should suffice.


(courses taught, competitions run, clubs, etc)

  • South African Computer Olympiad. The third round has extra prizes for students who submit solutions in Python. Details of the prizes are at
  • UCT Algorithm Circle: Teaches Python to high school kids, because it's easier for them to pick up than Java. Strong focus on algorithms, which is also what makes Python so attractive by allowing us to concentrate on the algorithms rather than obscure language features. Details:


(courses taught, competitions run, clubs, etc)

  • UCT: Computer Science offers an alternate 1st year course for those familiar with Java, with about 20 students in the class (started in 2006). They have also passed around the idea of using Python as the mainstream 1st year language, although there's obvious resistance. Physics (and other departments?) teaches Python.

Scientific Institutions

  • SKA SA / Karoo Array Telescope: Python used for telescope monitoring and control and data processing (used since start of project; CTPUG members: S Cross, A Pinska).
  • SANBI (South African National Bioinformatics Institute): Details needed.

Software Companies

  • Byte Orbit: Software and web application development team specializing in Python, Django. (CTPUG members: Piet Delport)
  • St James Software: Python used for AJAX web applications for operations monitoring for industrial sites - own internal web framework (used since 2003 or so; around 9 developers; CTPUG members: D Fraser).
  • Praekelt and Praekelt Foundation: Mobile websites and SMS and USSD routing. (CTPUG members: S Cross, J Thurgood).


  • Vox Telecom: Python is used in a myriad of places, from core network through to web interfaces. (used since 2004; 4 developers; CTPUG members: Graeme Glass).

Internet Companies

  • Career Junction: Develop their website using Python and deploy it with mod_wsgi. In the past they have used Django, Pylons, SQLAlchemy, Genshi
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