Meeting 2019/04/06


6th of April, 2019, starting at 14:00


The Alexander Bar have agreed to host us again.


Simon Cross will give a talk titled "Improving performance by switching from C++ to Python":

For an electronic artwork displayed at Spier's recent "Festival of Light" I had the opportunity (need?) to rewrite a legacy C code base for driving an LED cube from a Raspberry Pi.

While this might appear to be a talk about making code run faster, it's really a talk about thinking about software carefully at different levels, doing the right thing, not giving up when things are hard, and asking friends for help when needed.

Note: This is an entirely different talk about controlling LEDs with Python to the one I gave last year -- different artwork, completely different kind of LEDs and drivers, and no C involved at all!



  • 14:00 Introduction, etc
  • 14:15 "Improving performance by switching from C to Python"
  • 15:00 General Housekeeping

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 18th of May, 2019

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