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Meeting 05/03/2011


5th of March, 2011.

PSF Google Calender entry


Yola offices, 35 Hope Street map link.

If you can't be present in person you can join us on the #ctpug channel on the Atrum IRC network. Some of us will also likely be present on #scipy on the Freenode IRC network.


Finish porting matplotlib to python 3.

Possibly look at some other useful scientific libraries if time allows (h5py has been mentioned).


  • Neil Muller will apply to the PSF for funding
    • Money to be spent on beer, pizzas, coffee and some memorabilia (still to be decided).
    • Funding secured - memorabilia still has to happen
  • Expected number of attendees: 6-10


Git Cheat sheet

  • Initial checkout: git clone https://<username>
  • log, diff, rm, add - work as for svn, bzr, et al.
  • svn revert : git checkout master
  • svn up : git pull --rebase
  • git commit - onlu commits things locally, doesn't push commits to the server
  • git push - pushes your tree to the server - do a git pull before pushing.


At the end of the sprint, all tests, expect the png tests involving mathtext, passed on both python 2 and 3. There is also a memory leak issue involving mathtext on python 3 we hadn't tracked down (these were solved upstream over the next week).

Several patches were reviewed by Micheal Droettboom immediately after the sprint, and we are working on getting things neatened up to for the final pull request.

By 22/03/2011, almost all the major patches had been pulled into the matplotlib tree (either matplotlib master or matplotlin-py3k as appropriate). Pull requests have been submitted from the oustanding pataches (a couple of minor fixes and the MacOS build fixes), but they still need to be merged.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on the 16th of April 2011.

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