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Meeting 16/10/2010


16th of October, 2010. Starting at 14:00.


We will be using the Sudo Room.


  • Good question. Probably something by Marco on the Python courses UCT has been running (possibly postponed due to a scheduling clash).
  • Talk by Kevin on PyCUDA and friends.
  • Some discussion of the merits of teaching python 3 as opposed to python 2?
  • Recent WSGI work on python 3?
  • Adhoc code reviews? (people bring their code to have others comment on it)


  • 14:00 Welcome, etc.

Talk times are inaccurately estimated from past sessions, and are only binding if the audience is grouchy or it's time to go for drinks.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held somewhere around:

python -c 'import datetime ; print,month=10,year=2010) + datetime.timedelta(weeks=6)'

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