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Simon's notes on the future of Python packaging


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    11= Talk on Packaging 2010-03-13 =
     3== General Packaging ==
    35These are the notes from a talk at [wiki:Meeting20100313] by David Fraser on Python packaging for Fedora, RHEL, Windows, etc
    5 == General Packaging ==
    77 * We have source code for Python libraries, applications and tools
    123123 * We found we had to hack `distutils` a lot with derived code to make it all work
    124124 * Beware of dependencies from `` - somebody may be trying to do something that doesn't need the dependency, so trap `ImportError`s etc
     126== Future of Python packaging ==
     128Simon Cross's description of where things are going:
     130 * Tarek Ziade is working towards producing a decent standard packaging library for Python, codenamed `distutils2.
     131 * This basically replaces things as follows:
     132   * `distutils2` replaces `distutils`, as well as adding various things from `setuptools`: `egg-info`, recording installed files (for uninstall etc), entry points, and version info
     133   * `Distribute` replaces the rest of `setuptools` (focus on '''building''')
     134   * `pip` replaces `easy_install` (focus on '''install/uninstall''')
     135 * The idea is that `distutils2` will be included in the standard library and will be extensible enough for `Distribute` (or anyone similar library) to produce building tools, or `pip` (or any similar library) to produce installation tools
     136 * Thus the Linux distros will be able to make their own tools to integrate with their packaging systems (if they so desire), on top of the standard `distutils2`
     137 * To produce ''low quality'' `deb` files there are a few options - `stdeb` is the most actively maintained and useful one at the moment