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Plone Sprint and Python Bug Day 2013-01-26


  • Dates: 26th and 27th January
  • Time: starting at around 11:00 and probably ending around 17:00 or so

This is in conjuction with Plone's Wine and Beer Sprint and Meeting20130126 is happening on the Saturday.



  • Work on 2.7 issues pre-release of 2.7.4.
  • Add to our list of bugs touched.
  • Work on pyntnclick.
  • Help out with Plone sprints.
  • Anything else people are interesting in hacking on.

See the Python Bug Day HOWTO on the Python wiki for how to get started.

Social Events

  • On Friday evening, there will be a braai at the Praekelt Office.
  • On Saturday evening, there will be an excursion to a restuarant for dinner.


Bugs and things we work on get listed here on the day:


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.