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Some more notes

Minutes 2010/03/13

Feedback from Python Training

First training course run last week

  • 5 people (6 registered, the maximum, but one pulled out)
    • Filled up really quickly - could easily run more courses
  • Feedback was pretty positive
  • Preparation could be better
    • Graeme and Simon spent 2-3 hours preparing
    • Simon wrote the examples - the idea was to alternate, Simon did a larger proportion though
  • This was designed as Python for Programmers, but there was too much squeezed in, and so ran out of time
    • It was an interactive workshop, but got less so as time ran out
    • Mean to run from 11-3, but ran till 4 and still didn't cover anything
    • There wasn't really anything that could be easily taken out - more time is needed for a basic Python course
  • May help to cater to particular languages people already know in
    • It would probably help more to separate out courses for people with different skill levels
    • But it's difficult to assess skill levels before the course
  • Did a whole section on different numeric types - difficult to know what stuff people would need
  • CD with a whole bunch of docs, links and source code
  • Ways to improve:
    • A lot more detailed documentation would help - then people can branch into topics that suit them
    • Focused details - subset of most commonly used aspects rather than full coverage, pointers to where to look for more
    • Should probably be 2 4-hour sessions (consecutive Saturdays, or following days)
    • Having a week in between would help people to get to grips with the concepts from the first course
    • Could have a bunch of problems to work on in between sessions
    • Finding good materials that people could use themselves in between could help
  • Need to discuss what future courses to offer - for non-programmers, focused on particular issues, etc