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     1= Minutes of meeting on 2010/01/30 =
     3These are the minutes for [wiki:Meeting20100130]
     5== Setting up ==
     7At [wiki:Meeting20091128] we set up an initial server (sponsored by sudoroom) for [] and installed [ Trac] on it.
     9In this meeting we:
     10 * Set up some relevant plugins (`davidf`): [ FullBlogPlugin], [ IncludeMacro] and [ WikiCalendarMacro] and debugged and patched the calendar macro (`NeilMuller`)
     11 * Set up authentication and access rights (`hodgestar`)
     12 * Extracted relevant wiki content from [] using a web crawler script that (`davidf`)
     13 * Translated that wiki content into pages on the new site (`NeilMuller`, `davidf`, `hodgestar`, `edward`)
     14 * Set up some basic information pages (`graemeglass` and `hodgestar`)
     15 * Started work on a cool new logo (`confluence`) that has yet to be unveiled
     17We also decided on the [wiki:Minutes20100313 next meeting]
     19=== TODO ===
     21Remaining work:
     22 * Get the logo finished and onto the site
     23 * Push the patch to the calendar macro upstream
     24 * Publish the Plone web-content extractor (there are some existing extractors that presume access to the database; this one tries to grab the raw text from edit fields if you have the appropriate rights)