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CTPUG Planning Meeting 2009/11/28 minutes

Present: nitwit, jerith, hodgestar, confluence, edward, davidfraser


  • Talks
  • PyWeek
  • Bug Days
  • Euler Problems

Next Year

  • World cup
  • Tutorials


  • Workshops rather than courses
  • SudoRoom calendar - up to 6 people per course
  • Spaces should be used by people who need to learn, rather than people who already know
  • Instructors offer various topics, decide charge per seat
  • SudoRoom will take 40% of income (including if it's a free course)
  • Edward will set up payment gateways, handle that whole thing


  • How do you find out what people want?
  • Schedule and scope dependent on instructors
  • Python for non-Python programmers - could be run regularly
    • Perhaps a rolling schedule or 4 lessons etc?
    • Basic syntax
    • Topics for target implementation - C, Java, .NET, PHP/Perl people
    • Standard library/modules - Web / DB / GUI
  • Python for non-programmers - how to program, using Python


  • Introduction
  • Choose three little tasks people want to do (e.g. web form to email)
  • Give people scope to do one or more of them
  • Instructor helps people through the material

Bug Days

  • Something we should keep doing
  • Success rate is not great
  • But some fixes did get in
  • We had fun
  • It helps to have commit access to what you're going to hack on, somebody who's actually a developer
  • ElementTree bug day - needed tests added - main developer has his own entire branch, so got stonewalled
  • Should hook up with Stefan van der Walt on scipy stuff
  • Could potentially do Bitten bug day - both davidfraser and Hodgestar have commit access


  • Interesting problem + solution
  • Interesting library
  • After-talk discussion
  • Recent events in the Python world (maybe better as after-talk discussion)


  • Probably not the first one next year (February/March?), perhaps the next one


  • How to advertise the Python community a bit more?
  • Piggy back on CLUG?
  • How do you find the people who might be interested but aren't part of the community yet?
  • What about Windowsy Python people
  • Python talks in other forums
    • e.g. SPIN
    • Microsoft developers
    • Find other groups
    • Process - group development of talks (even if single presenter) - collective expertise
    • University students? engineering / physics / comp sci / bioinformatics / drama
    • Corporates?

Web site

  • Upfront Systems could continue to host but would keep us on Plone, and none of those present can maintain this
  • Nitwit would rather have CTPUG hosting with someone we can easily get hold of
  • We have offer of hosting space with Edward - small Linode box
  • Domain name
  • Feeling is we should give everyone at this meeting admin access for everything
  • davidf to set up fsvs
  • mailing list notification on changes

Basic plan:

  • Set up version control + trac specifically for use on bug days
  • wiki, overview etc
  • Need to set up layout for version control
  • Distributed version control?
    • options are mercurial, bzr, git
    • best to setup with bare repository
    • mercurial is what Python will be using
    • bzr is what launchpad uses
    • we need multiple repository support in trac - easiest to do this with multiple projects
    • bug days don't need as much support from trac
    • if all working in a room, makes more sense to have repository local
  • trac + single svn repository would be simple for filesystem to keep code in
  • way of sending mail out - notifications etc
  • calendar would be useful - probably best with a calendar plugin
  • probably need spam editing

Other ideas

  • Conferences - PyCON 2010 (Atlanta in February - nah), EuroPython? (Birmingham?), PyCon? Asia Pacific (June Singapore)
  • Evening discussions - smaller group in coffee shop? (e.g. Touch of Madness)
  • Shootouts of equivalent libraries - web frameworks, database, etc

Effort targeting

  • Tutorials - complaints on the list about talks being too high-level
  • Bug days - but make them focused
  • Replace normal meetings with a bug day / talk to another group
  • Meeting where main purpose is to talk to Python developers + something else happening
    • Talk on a topic
    • Planning for a presentation to another group
  • Could have open mic python meetings where there's space to discuss planning etc
  • Talks provide for an excuse for people to come to a meeting

Minutes by David Fraser