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    1313Simon Cross will talk about  "Performing Quantum Measurements in QuTiP".
     17Would you like to create (virtual) qubits and perform measurements on them using Python? Perhaps even explore entanglement and quantum teleportation? If so, this tutorial is for you!
     19No previous quantum mechanics experience required. It will be helpful to be comfortable with Python and only a little scared of matrix multiplication.
     21**Detailed description**
     23The goal of the talk is for everyone to:
     25* Understand what a qubit is
     26* Be able to create a 1-qubit state
     27* Be able to measure a 1-qubit state
     28* Be able to create a 2-qubit state
     29* Be able to create an entangled 2-qubit state
     30* Be able to measure part of an entangled state
     31* Be able to teleport part a qubit using an entangled state
     33To each of these please add "in Python with QuTiP" and "with a good understanding of what they're doing".
     35The target audience is people who are:
     37* interested in quantum mechanics but are not experts
     38* comfortable with Python basics
     39* only a little scared of matrix multiplication (have learnt it at some point, even if they don't remember it well now)
     41QuTiP and Python are pretty good at doing lots of matrix multiplication, so don't worry to much if you don't quite meet the last requirement! ;)
    1543== Next Meeting ==