Meeting 2017/07/01


The 1st of July 2017, starting at around 14:00


The Alexander Bar have agreed to host us again.


Tobias Brandt will give a talk titled "You suck at shell scripting!"


You do! You're aweful! You are as bad at shell scripting as Helen Zille is at Twitter. However clever that 140 character bash one liner seemed at the time, you know that you regretted it once it became an integral part of your production build pipeline. This talk will show you how to write maintainable Command Line Interfaces with click and pathlib that won't leave you trying to rewrite your git commit history after the next production server outage.


  • 14:00 Welcome
  • 14:15 Talk
  • 15:00'ish General Housekeeping

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on the 12th of August 2017.

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