Meeting 2016/01/16


The 16th of January, 2016


Praekelt Offices.


  • 2pm: Simon Cross will talk a bit about aiohttp, the asyncio based http client / server library
  • 3pm: PyConZA 2016 planning meeting (at Praekelt Offices)

PyConZA 2016 Planning

There will be a meeting to start forming the PyConZA 2016 organizing at the Praekelt Offices after the CTPUG meeting. If you are interested in helping organize PyConZA this year, please come along.

If you're interested but can't attend, please email team@… and we'll make sure you're included in the follow up emails.

Last year the committee organized everything over Slack and recorded all of the administrative details in a git repository. The repository and Slack history will be available to this year's committee.

Aiohttp Slides & Examples

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting will be on February 27th, 2016

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