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Meeting 2015/05/30


30th of May, 2015


The Alexander Bar have offered to host us again.


There will be a sprint before the talk to port pygame-cffi to cffi 1.0. The idea is to meet up about an hour before the usual CTPUG meeting to do this.

Petrus Janse van Rensburg will talk about "how (not) to sell cattle online"

Talk Description

There are roughly 14 million cattle in South Africa, supporting an industry that's worth around R20 billion to producers annually and which provides much-needed employment in rural areas.

But the industry has been consolidating for decades, resulting in a market that's dominated by a small number of large companies and high barriers to entry for people interested in farming on a smaller scale.

What if software could be use to up-end the current business model, and enable large numbers of people to farm in a way that would still benefit from economies of scale?

In this talk, I'll talk about my experience trying to do that with, and discuss the stack that was used in building a minimum viable product:

Database: Postgres & PostGIS Application: Flask, SQLALchemy, Alembic, Flask-Admin & Flask-Babel Frontend: Bootstrap, jQuery & D3.js

Videos mentioned during the talk


  • 13:00 pygame-cffi sprint to port to cffi 1.0
  • 14:00 Welcome, etc
  • 14:15 "How (not) to sell cattle online"
  • 15:00'ish Housekeeping, etc.

Sprint Results

Generally successful - see

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on the 11th of July, 2015