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Sprint 2013/12/07


Saturday, 7th of December, 2013, starting from around 10:00


Praekelt have offered to host us.


There is a lot of interest in getting pygame running efficiently on PyPy Notably, the Raspberry !PI foundation are rather keen on the idea.


  • Try to get a subset of pygame working on cffi
    • At least pygame.time, pygame.display, pygame.event, pygame.Rect and pygame.draw
    • Ideally also pygame.font, pygame.rotate, pygame.transform
  • Target a simple tutorial - possibly
  • Test performance on Raspberry PI

Other stuff

  • Use existing sdl cffi project?
    • pysdl-cffi (targets SDL 2.0, and doesn't wrap other needed libraries)
    • Others?
  • Roll our own cffi wrappers?
    • Duplicates a bunch of xisting work