Meeting 2013/10/05

During the PyconZA sprints, we'll be meeting to discuss plans going forward and any ideas raised during PyConZA.


Praekelt Offices.


On the 5th of October, at around 14:00


The following things came out of the meeting

Hack Nights

  • Aim for 4 hack nights a year (1 per quarter)
  • Should have a tutorial component for new coders
  • Space for more experienced people to work reasonably undisturbed
  • See if we can't simplify the whole food ordering process to minimise interruptions

Talks & Sprints

  • Aim for 5 talks and 3 sprints a year


  • Should be reasonably technically challenging
  • Good advertising for CTPUG and it's members
  • Also try improve local skills and so forth


  • Aimed at CTPUG core
  • Try be more organised - push for talks and speakers earlier

Other stuff

  • Pyweek
  • Try encourage more teams
  • Local short game jam thing sometime before next pyweek?

Next Meeting date

The next meeting will be on the 16th of November, 2013

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