CTPUG & GDG Hack Night

A joint hack night with the Google Developers Group.

It's an opportunity for all those in Cape Town to gather and work on things together. If you're a newcomer looking to learn Python, there'll be experienced Pythonistas on hand to answer questions and give guidance -- we have some (really) simple exercises to get you started. If you're an old hand, come along and show people what you're working on. Gather ideas -- and maybe helpers -- and share your thoughts and experiences with others.

Sponsored by 88mph, Google and Silicon Cape.


18:30 Arrive and set up
19:00 Introductions
19:30 Work on projects (and pizzas arrive)
23:00 Close up

There will be a code dojo focussing on writing a cffi wrapper for SQLite.


  • A laptop (or let us know beforehand and we'll make a plan)

Things we'll have at the venue

  • Pizzas and drinks (sponsored by Silicon Cape)
  • Wifi
  • Tutors to help newcomers

Projects for newcomers

  • Installing Python
  • Choosing an editor / IDE
  • Structuring a first Python project
  • Basics of the Python language

See OpenHatch's Getting started with Python and Python tutorial for details.

Projects for those familiar with Python

If you have a project you'd like help on, please bring it along!

Project ideas:

  • Writing unit tests in Python
  • Packaging Python projects
  • Using cffi to wrap C libraries
  • Porting projects to Python 3


88mph logo Silicon Cape Initiative logo (medium) Google logo

Guessing Game Example used in tutorial

Pick a random number and ask the user to guess it:

Anagram game

First Python game written by Michelle, Andrew and Grant immediately after the tutorial:

Next hack night

To be determined.

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