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Meeting 04/09/2010



Port Genshi to Python 3.


Yola offices, 35 Hope Street map link. (Google Maps still thinks WebAfrica lives there.)


  • Simon Cross will apply to the PSF for fundng
    • Money to be spent on beer, pizzas, coffee and some memorabilia (coffee mugs currently the odds-on favourite).
  • We are unlikely to finish in a single sprint - Current plan is to work on some issues during the week after the sprint and have another session on the 11th.
    • Plan is to ignore C accelerator for the first pass, and port it if time allows
    • Aim for a single code-base, otherwise distribute and 2to3 solution if single code-base gets too complicated
  • Expected number of attendees: 6-10


  • Porting discussion started on Genshi mailing list link.
    • No objections raised so far.
    • Jeroen (one of the Genshi committers) has offered to help get our code into Genshi svn when we're done (either as a branch or in trunk as appropriate).
  • Application for PSF funding successful.
  • Announcement submitted to Python Sprints (link).
  • Mugs designed and sent to printers.


  • Collect mugs.
  • Set up Hg repositories for use during sprint.

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