Meeting 2010-04-24


24th of April, 2010, starting around 12:00. Note that this is an earlier start than normal.


We will be using Sudo Room.


A Bitten hacking session, focusing on the tickets for the 0.6 milestone.


  • 12:00 onwards - work on bitten
  • 16:00'ish - housekeeping (next meeting, etc.)

Issues Covered

  • Major progress:
    • #426 (davidf; committed and backported, ticket left open to encourage feedback)
    • #552 (drnlm, techtonik; techtonik is getting subversion to return exitcode 1 for us)
    • #564 (hodgestar; ready to commit, just waiting for feedback from issue reporter)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 5th June 2010.

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