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Python Test Writing day


Improve the current test coverage of the python standard library, or some other useful python package. Read the original suggestion. We aim to select a few modules to focus on over the next couple of weeks.


On the 6th of June 2009, starting in the morning (around 10:00) and continuing until whenever.


Yola (formerly Synthasite) have offered to host us at their Dunkley House offices (104 Dunkley House, Barnett Street, in Gardens: map).

Join us via IRC on #ctpug on atrum

What Modules?

The currently suggested list:

  • re
  • elementtree
  • libxml
  • multiprocessing
  • libsubprocess
  • libsocket

What Happened

We worked on extending the tests for ElementTree?. The following issues where added or touched as a result: