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Stanardise date

Meeting 2008-06-21


21st of June 2008, from 12:00

This will be as a break from the Python Bug Day involvement on the same day.

Note that the first talk will be 12:00, which is considerably earlier than usual for CTPUG meetings.


At the SynthasiteOffices


Talks offered:

  • "Everything You Didn't Want to Known About Python Objects" - Simon Cross
  • "Localisation" - Dwayne Bailey from


  • 12:00 Localisation
  • 13:00 Ongoing python sprint day stuff
  • 14:30 Python Objects
  • 15:00 Housekeeping issues

(Times for the talks are advisory only - neither the speakers nor the audience are expected to view them as being more than vague guidelines.).

Slides, etc

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the 2nd off August 2008 (see Meeting20080828?)

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